So... what's my approach to capturing your big day?

I pride myself on a simple, no-nonsense approach. I'm calm and relaxed, and I fit in around whatever is going on. Wedding days are fun, happy days and I make sure the photography experience fits right in!

Every wedding is different, but there are some general similarities across the days, so I've outlined them below.

It's important to remember that this is a generalisation; nothing is set in stone. If you've got some other ideas, do get in touch.

Morning Prep

As a rule I'll get there a few hours before the ceremony, and capture you and your friends and family getting ready for the occasion. 

I'll capture the details and then keep out of the way, capturing those unforgettable little moments.

As standard, I include a second photographer, so between us we are able to capture both bride and groom prep if that is your preference. Some grooms don‘t want prep shots of course, and this is no problem at all - no pressure!

Ceremony and after

I capture the ceremony photos in a purely documentary style. I keep out of the way and shoot as quietly as possible. If I'm allowed, I prefer to be up front with you, because I can get the best photos, but it all depends on the rules of the venue.

Afterwards, I capture shots of you and your guests as you meet and greet people together, and then we normally move on to the group shots.


By this point, vows are done, and group shots are done too. It's a great time to have a few minutes of pause. As a rule, this is the point where we find a quiet spot and capture some portraits of you both. 

A bit of detail about this portrait session... It generally lasts about 15 minutes. It's friendly, relaxed and easy - my purpose is to capture you two, and the only people who can show me that, is you. I'll guide you along the way - it's easy - and together we can create some lovely images.

Now, some people are filled with dread at this point. There's no need! You absolutely will look amazing on your big day!

If you'd like to experience what this is like, a great way to do so is a pre-wedding shoot. It's the same type of approach so it'll show you exactly what it's like. 


After our portrait session it's usually time for the wedding breakfast. Once that's drawing to a close I'll borrow your rings for a few shots, and then it'll be on to speeches.

During the speeches I will grab photos of everyone - those giving speeches, and also your guests. It's a great opportunity to grab some portraits of them and their reactions. Capturing the laughter and tears is always awesome!

I'll grab some more candid shots of you and your guests between the speeches and cake cut, and then we move on cake cut and first dance. 

I shoot the first dance with some flash, because it can get pretty dark on that dance floor! My day comes to a close a short time after the first dance, but I'll always grab some shots of the dancing in action before I go.

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